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June 15, 2023

DIY Hanger Photos

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My Husband say’s very sassily the other day. “Well i don’t have a photo of Oli and i in this house.” I will fully admit i am super bad about printing photos and hanging them. We have like 3 photos of the family in the house and that is about it. I don’t have a lot of hanging things on the walls. I never really have in our houses. So i decided to do DIY hanger photos, on either side of our bed for father’s day. All-in-all this project was a cost of $75.00. I used Sam’s Club photo center online. Selected the professional photo paper print and sized them to 20×30. The hangers were from amazon (linked here). I believe you cannot order unless you have a sam’s membership FYI.

This project had i purchased from some of the companies i am sure you have seen would have been well over $120 dollars. While there is nothing wrong with this at all i just prefer to DIY things. I do not prefer canvas prints at all. I love metal prints and classic photo paper. What i really loved about these is the hanger are magnetic so i can swap these photos anytime down the road and i am not committed. Which with little we all know they grow so fast we have to update photos so often.

Hope you have fun crafting your own DIY hangers. If you are a client of mine and need help with any of the process, feel free to reach out. P.S. Don’t mind these phone photos the images are much prettier not through a phone and also when its not getting dark out haha.

You Can also find these things on my Amazon Store Front Under “Print your Photos”

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  1. Danielle Yazdani says:

    I love this so much!!! I have to try this!