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I am sure you've seen this before but My business started unexpectedly to say the least...

From a Service manager to a full Time Photographer

If you didn't catch it by now.... I am Cori.
Yes, i am a female not a male haha i know it can be very confusing but don't worry i wont be offended if you inquiry expecting a guy.
Wife, Fur-Mom and now a REAL mom. I love capturing rad people and their ever changing lives. There is no BIGGER honor in my eyes than to be "your Photographer", capturing all your big life moments. From Babies (yes... Fur ones count in my eyes), seniors, chaotic family sessions i LOVE IT ALL. I am surrounded by hairy animals and i would not have it any other way! 

Photography honestly wasn't something that just clicked like i knew i wanted to do that or be that. It seriously fell into my lap when a family friend asked me if i wanted to do their family photos after i picked my camera back up a bit after High School. Boy if i knew what that would have lead to when i did those photos i probably would have said YOU ARE SOOOOO CRAZY..... That can't be a Full time job. But it sooooo is my Full time job now. As of November 2022 this will be my 4th full year doing only photography full time. It seriously is the best feeling ever. I wont lie being your own boss and running a business is hard AF BUT it is very rewarding providing the chaotic memory filled moments, that you will cherish for years to come. 

When selling our first home we had ZERO intentions of moving out in such a rural area, but it was by far the best thing we ever did. Kevin and i always joke its like we are constantly on a camping trip... Its peaceful, we can enjoy our coffee on the porch with little to no noise. We often just go outside and enjoy the view of basically nothing (sometimes beautiful snowy peaks). It seriously is a gift, but is not for everyone. It is a lot of work and means lots of driving but its what works for us. 

I love being with my little family, traveling and eating/drinking all the good stuff this world has to offer. Music is a huge part of our world and i mean the good stuff we are talking Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Coheed and Cambria, and many other Metal bands. I am not afraid to work and work hard. I have an ever change hair color these days so don't expect a certain color when i show up to a session haha. I VERY VERY much don't fit the standards, i don't follow the latest fashion trends and likely will have the same set of vans on until i run holes into them. Creature of habit and comfort when it comes to clothes. Never afraid to speak my mind. I grew up camping, boating, off-roading and at the race track. 


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Our furry kids are a HUGE part of our lives and the business. Sometimes the main reason someone books us!
Meet Atlas, Axle, Inferno & Nader.
Sadly as of 2021 we lost our old boy Axle (Middle with the HUGE ears)
You can follow what they we are up to on IG @TheGeesRuralLife


In my free time i love photographing landscape, wildlife, and really anything that catches my eye. Especially if it involves traveling to a new place 
I sell these on my Fine Art Page 
Check it out here


If you're thinking of getting me a gift or tip.... REALLY Starbucks is a great way to do that. Chasing a little one and running a business i am pretty sure coffee is the only thing in my veins by now ;)


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