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Working Together

We are honored when we get the opportunity to work along aside other small businesses. 
Some of these great locations you can rent Vinny for too! 

We rent most of our prop from Vintage Backdrop Rentals in Lexington, NC 

-While he looks Gray it is more of a brown
-He has airbags so we can adjust the height of the truck for a more classic look or a lower look
-His tailgate is operational 

You can find his Instagram, Facebook or TikTok here for all his adventures 

You Can Join our newsletter below for announcements on any Designs/sets we make for Vinny in the coming months. Just add (photographer) next to your name when submitting  

Vinny is rentable to fellow photographers, small businesses, and even if you are getting married and want cool photos with the truck. He is not rentable for you to drive around town, but we will bring him to you.